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AthletaWell is a safe place for women where we connect in conversation, movement, and shared experience to navigate our well-being journey. We’re at our best when we’re supporting and learning from each other. Plus, we have expert Guides to help guide the way.


Let's get started with some intros. Tell us about yourself or check out other people's intros in the comments below. Where are you from? What's your favorite way to move? What are you proud of or struggling within wellness? You might find a familiar story or meet a new friend.


After you’ve shared a little, scroll the homepage for more conversations, like posts and replies that resonate, or even start your own.


And finally, it's important to us that you know you are welcome here, no matter your goals or where you are in your well-being journey. At the end (and beginning) of the day, we all want to feel good in our body and our mind. We can’t wait to meet you.


- The AthletaWell Team ❤️


P.S. Make sure you bookmark the community link (https://community.athletawell.com) for easy access.

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I love this! Thank you for using your skills to help drive a change we need in the fitness industry - especially when it comes to women and exercise. Welcome!


Hi everyone! I'm Melissa and I'm a longtime fan of Athleta! Love love love living in Athleta clothes. 🙂 Also love the "Power of She" concept, wellness in all dimensions, and this beautiful space to come together. I live in Virginia and have a science and engineering background but have always loved people more. 🙂 Transitioned to the leadership and personal/professional development space a few years ago. I love coaching on the themes of resilience, redefining success, and living your most aligned and powerful life. Helping people rediscover their sense of purpose, joy, and zest for life lights me up! I'm also the author/photographer of the new book, "Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents." Thank you, Athleta, for starting this community! ❤️ P.S. My favorite movement methods are barefoot running and hot yoga. 👣


hi. My name is Jessica and I’m from Fairfield county, CT. I’m a mom of a 13 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. I’m a classically trained Pilates instructor. I work out of a studio in my home. Athleta clothing are my work clothes and I love them. 


My name is Riley Shaia and I live in Richmond Va.  I have been teaching group exercise for 29 years and teach pretty much every format out there!  I also have a master's in Physical Therapy and a certification in Holistic Nutrition.  I am a Master Trainer for Savvier Fitness and certify other instructors in Barre Above, Tabata Bootcamp, Extreme HIIT Chaos, and Balletone.  I love this new community you have created and love all things Athleta!


Hello! I'm Hillary, from the middle of North Carolina. I work as a Hospice Chaplain, so spirituality, wellbeing, and caring for our whole selves is really important to me. I've always struggled with fitness and nutrition -- I know how to exercise and what to eat, but my lifestyle makes both really hard. I've also been struggling with anxiety, depression, and chronic burnout, which began before the pandemic and then working healthcare during COVID-19 and my spouse's pandemic unemployment just sealed the damage. I'm recovering, but it has truly taken a toll on my body, energy levels, habits, and spiritual health.  


What helped me begin to crawl out of the hole was following where my little bit of positive energy led me, and it led me outside. My husband and I began hiking the NC State Parks during weekend getaways. Then, after he found a job, we both purchased our first kayaks. Athleta is one of my go-to brands right now for hiking and water activities, as well as lounge.  They fit me so well -- Anyone else petite out there know what I mean? And, they're so comfy. I love their branding and how they empower women and girls. 


I'm happy to be here and look forward to getting familiar with this space! 


Hi, my name is Tracy from NC.   I’m an Assistant Director for a Parks & Recreation Dept.   I love anything outdoors and physical activity.   Trail running is my favorite.  I try to make sure I provide access health & wellness to community members at little or no cost.  


I live in the Pacific NW.  Outdoor activities are the thing here-hiking, biking, skiing, boating, so many things.  I love the opportunities, but have a tough time with keeping fit enough.  Am in my upper 50’s, kids are mostly raised, so I have the time.  Just need the motivation and help with not hurting myself.  Athleta is my go-to store for clothes for acive wear and daily wear, alike.


Hi there!

I'm Christie and I'm a multi-hyphenate in NYC. I am an actor, Pilates mat teacher, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and I co-own a Pilates studio in Midtown Manhattan. 


I'm excited to get started and connect with AtheltaWell!


Hello from sunny Austin, Texas. I'm Sally, mom of a yorkie named Sophie and a shihtzu named Bao. I've been a personal trainer for about 14 years, and left a big box gym last year to start my own training business. I specialize in Corrective Exercise and Behavior Modification. A few years ago, I became aware of how I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, and how the fitness industry really promotes that unhealthy relationship as the means of being "healthy". I knew the gym where I was "super successful" ie made a lot of money for the company, was furthering the idea that healthy = skinny. I am so glad to have left that space and to have a space/professional that can allow people to know that exercise is any kind of joyful movement, and that being smaller isn't necessarily being healthier. That's why I love the inclusivity of sizes at Athleta. I'm happy to support a business that doesn't just show skinny white "healthy" people as their models. I hope to find other fitness professionals that are trying to buck these ideals.


Hi! My name is Kare(n)!  I live in Chicago and teach yoga classes in the residential hi-rises, in addition to teaching private yoga lessons.  I incorporate breathwork and relaxation meditation in all of my yoga classes. Fitness is an integral part of my life--I have a daily gym routine and enjoy all athletic activities.  I am passionate about cooking and making a daily fruit smoothie.  In addition, I am an independent fashion stylist and volunteered my services at an event that the Chicago Athleta store had hosted.  The brand is awesome!   Look forward to connecting with everyone!


Hi hi my name is Lea.  I live in a small town in the Texas Hill country.  Ive recently been diagnosed with Hasjimotos disease.  So I’m struggling with diet issues.  I dabble in yoga, walk (intense hills) often.  I’m always looking for “easy & tried” gluten free recipes. Athleta clothes is 90% of my wardrobe- since moving to a small town I’m phasing out all my dressy clothes.  
Glad to be connecting to everyone.



Hi Lea! You might check out Carrie Vitt's site Deliciously Organic: https://deliciouslyorganic.net/Through unprocessed, organic food and detox she's reversed Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS and eczema and gives lots of recipes and tips.


Hi everybody! I'm Ashley and I currently live in the Minneapolis area. I'm a graphic designer and I also teach some group fitness classes - POP Pilates and 305 Fitness (if you're in the area, I'd love to have you in class sometime!). My fitness and wellness journeys have been a long, winding road. It's taken me many years to fix my relationship with food and to find a love of exercise and movement. I'm excited to be here around like-minded people!

Welcome to our team @ashrmey! Be sure to join some of our conversations in here and tag some of the guides while you’re at it. We’re trying to build a nice routine of healthy, productive convos so jump into any chat, add to the conversation boards—wherever your mind wants to take you!


Hi!  My name is Lisa and I’m an elementary school teacher from Madison, Wisconsin.  I enjoy yoga and walking/hiking, however I often come home from school too mentally burned out to do much of anything.  I’m always looking for ways to find the inner peace I need to stay outwardly fit.  I know the two can work hand-in-hand.  Nice to ‘meet’ everyone!  Thanks for sharing your stories.

Hey @Fortneyl welcome to our team! Love reading your quick bio. Come into AthletaWell at any point in the day and tag some of the guides if you’re curious about something. Let’s make it a conversation!


Hi! I'm Jessie. I live in Northern NH. I am 40 years old and just had my 2nd baby. I have an almost 2 year old and an 8 week old! I am an Emergency Dept RN and I just finished my master's degree to become a nurse practitioner.

I love it when I am active, but right now am struggling to figure out how to do that again. I don't sleep much with the baby and can't day nap because of the toddler!

My goal is to figure out when to fit in the time to move my body without totally losing some valued sleep.

Glad to join the group and learn from everyone. Staying healthy and active are top priorities for myself that I hope to share with my daughters as they grow!

Welcome to the AthletaWell team @JLTower — you have a tough schedule, wow. Thanks for posting. We have a great group of women in here. Drop a line whenever and tag some of us guides. Reading your bio I know @Valerie_C may be useful for sleep hacks!


Hey, I’m Becky. I’m hoping to meet new people, hear new ideas for forming healthy habits-some I don’t even know I need, surely! I also hope to contribute some things I have learned and would like to share. Hugs from Utah!!


Hi! My name is Ika from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am an employee in finance & accounting field but also a certified Yoga instructor. I really love doing yoga. Every time after doing it I feel good in my mind and body. My purpose to join in this community is to meet new friends and to support each other.

Welcome Ika! It's so fun to see someone from Jakarta here. My mother was born there before immigrating to the US.


 Hello:-) My name is nina from Japan. 

I joined here because I want to organize my thoughts in English. Also, I want to see other people’s part of life. 

It’s hard for me to define myself because it varies depending on weather and many other conditions. 

Sometimes I’m open-minded and feel like every inch of worlds’ lights and shades are beautiful. I can concentrate on my life work without any pressure. And sometimes I feel scared of even going outside. I can’t find any reasons to make any move. Then my world just stops. At the time, anything but music can only save me. So I like calling myself as singer to show respects to music. But im not really anything. 


Right now I’m ready to except myself. I would like to do things for keeping myself together. I will write more and read other people’s notes. I’m not sure if I could do the link but im very happy if someone can watch my singing. Song  🙂 If someone reads this, I pray that you have a beautiful day. Thank you.


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Community Manager

Welcome Nina! It is so nice to have you here, and thank you so much for sharing. It warms my heart to hear that you are getting to a point of accepting yourself and wanting to share your beauty with the world. I have those low days as well, but I am so glad that you have found music to help bring you out of that. I hope AthletaWell can continue to empower you and support you on your journey. If you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out! @27nina 


Hi. I live in Georgia outside of Atlanta. I’m a retired United Methodist Pastor still working part time. My new goals are to stay healthy while still helping others with their spiritual lives. 
I love Athleta clothing for its comfort while looking great. I wear it for fun and work. 
I’m dong this to be part of a new group of women who care about themselves. 

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Hello everyone! My name is Samira, I am a Diet technician and a Wellness and Nutrition coach. While navigating the website, I found AthletaWell. Kudos for making a safe place where women can express themselves and talk about wellness and nutrition. Self care is crucial for well being and functioning.

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👋🏻 everybody. At 56 I feel really good about where my fitness life is headed. I am working with a physical therapist to prepare for the next phase of life which will be more active than my tech career. My diet is really good. COVID weight plus is gone. My various classes and hiking are a joy. No more chore exercise or diets for me! My goal is to be a slow traveler before deciding where to land. I’m excited to find social sites that are positive and enjoyable.