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AthletaWell is a safe place for women where we connect in conversation, movement, and shared experience to navigate our well-being journey. We’re at our best when we’re supporting and learning from each other. Plus, we have expert Guides to help guide the way.


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Hi! I'm Tricia. I live in the Chicago suburbs and work in the city. Feeling super intimidated reading all of these posts as everyone seems to be a fitness guru of some sort. πŸ˜‰ I struggle with fitness and, now that I'm 50, that struggle is starting to show. I've never been a runner -- to many joint issues, including 5 orthopedic surgeries --- but I love to walk. I feel better about life when I get exercise, but the last several years have really just made it difficult to get myself out of bed in the morning to do it. Too much stress and not enough sleep. Hoping to find some encouragement to get myself going. Excited to join a community of women doing their best to meet the challenges we face today.

Tricia, I'm not superfit, either, so you're not alone! I gained a lot of weight over the past 10 years as a caregiver and neglected my own fitness and health. Additionally, I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so have pain especially in the mornings and have to watch the amount of exercise I do and only gradually increase, but I have managed 6 bike workouts this summer and am back to 10 miles like I used to do 2-3x a week like clockwork. Like you, I also have to deal with stress and lack of sleep and am trying to manage so I feel like a group like this is bound to help. Onwards and upwards! Yay!


hi Tricia:


I love everything you've written. The struggle is real but I love the idea that you keep pushing forward - that's true strength!


Hi. I'm Shannon, and I'm a teacher in NYC.  I've been dealing with Diastasis Recti for the last few years, which has complicated my wellness journey.  When I turned 40, I decided to make the next decade all about self-care, especially getting physically strong.  Four years in and I've had a lot of ups and downs but I feel like I turned a corner recently.  πŸ™‚   I'm feeling stronger and trust my instincts and my body more.  Onward and upward!

Your story sounds so much like mine! I turned 40 in 2020, and both the milestone birthday and the craziness of 2020 forced me to prioritize my wellness. I ALSO had diastasis recti and am so much happier with it and my general wellness now. Thanks for sharing your story!

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hi Athleta: My name is Aparna Iyer. I am a psychiatrist; holistic in my approach and I work largely with women, and especially with moms (or moms-to-be). I am in Dallas. I'm not sure I have a single favorite way to move - I love them all! Right now, I work out with my amazing trainer who has helped me rehab my injured left shoulder, but I also love yoga and kayaking. I work with so many amazing people but I also hear a lot of hard stuff, so it's crucial for me to ensure I stay well so that I can be there maximally for both my patients and my family. It's a work in progress though, because life can get busy but if nothing else in 2020, it forced my hand to make my wellness a priority!