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AN UPDATE FROM ATHLETAWELL We're saying goodbye to our community platform in November. Learn more

Welcome to AthletaWell!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to AthletaWell— the community dedicated to female wellbeing, built by women, for women.


Why AthletaWell?  AthletaWell was created to help its members navigate the many facets of female wellbeing and womanhood. Through learning, connection and shared experiences, we believe everyone can reach their wellbeing goals. This is a safe place for you.




Here are all the benefits of becoming an AthletaWell member:

  • Direct access to our accredited wellness experts who specialize in holistic wellbeing for women. They'll provide trusted advice to help you prioritize you and reach your goals. MEET OUR GUIDES >
  • Match with the Guide that best suits your unique goals today. Take our NEW WELLBEING QUIZ >
  • Stay connected to like-minded members and learn about topics you're interested in JOIN GROUPS >
  • Free express workouts from our friends at obé Fitness GET MOVING >
  • Start and join conversations or support other members on their journey JOIN THE CONVERSATION > 
    • Plus, members can follow conversations to receive notifications about new activity and stay up to date.


The AthletaWell membership and its offerings are completely free. To join AthletaWell: 

  1. Click “JOIN NOW” within this post or in the top right menu of the AthletaWell site.
  2. It will prompt you to Sign in with your existing Athleta Rewards credentials or click Join Free to become an Athleta Rewards member. You'll be automatically assigned an AthletaWell username.
  3. If you'd like to update your AthletaWell username, click on the avatar in the top right menu and then My Profile to continue.





Ready to get started? What are you most excited to dive into? Share in the comments below.