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Welcome to AthletaWell!

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Community Manager

Welcome to AthletaWell— the community dedicated to female wellbeing, built by women, for women.


Why AthletaWell?  AthletaWell was created to help its members navigate the many facets of female wellbeing and womanhood. Through learning, connection and shared experiences, we believe everyone can reach their wellbeing goals. This is a safe place for you.




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Ready to get started? What are you most excited to dive into? Share in the comments below.


Creating a well balanced life for myself and family!!

Had my 1 of 2 workouts. Pretty intense. Looking forward to more. Training for my first Marathon. Need to add strength training.

I have not worked out in many years. Sometimes I can’t get out of bed.

Hi @jleontiadis I’m so sorry to hear that you have trouble getting out of bed. No need to reply here but curious if it’s exhaustion, pain, or all the above. I hope you’re giving yourself some grace to be where you are. 


I’m no expert but I do like how AthletaWell conversations redefine working out. If you want to start “working out”, maybe set a goal to do something that feels good for your body for 10 mins like walking or gentle stretching and see how that feels? Also, sometimes it takes finding some great music or a good podcast to listen to in order to get me out of bed or moving. 

Here to listen and support you ❤️

Thank you. I’m going to go for it and go outside even for 10 minutes and build up from there. I appreciate this community and kindness.

Dive into the express workouts, live classes, and workshops. Learning to live a well life.

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I will not dive, but find a smart and easy paced way to get back in. I’m dedicated to my health and admire everyone’s dedication as well. I’m usually the one giving advice but this time around I’m aware that I need a strong positive community. I will take a walk tomorrow- heels be ****ed. 

Enjoy the time I get with my girl.

I have three daughters- I’m trying to be present and available. I have to get-back-up- if not for me then for them. FYI I’ve never been this vulnerable so publicly before. Thank you for sharing what works for you. Do you walk with you girl? I’m curious how you exercise together. 

Finding a spark to try more things

I will overcome the obstacles created by my health condition…I win!

I’m excited to learn/see some new workout ideas, feeling stuck in my current workout routine, looking for a change of pace and some good advice to keep healthy physically and mentally

So glad you're here - welcome! If you haven't already, definitely take advantage of the 10-minute express obe videos. I like to stack them on top of one another. It's amazing how quickly 30 minutes goes by! If you need more inspo, we've got our Guides who can offer up suggestions as well. @Chris_F @Dani_P are experts in movement and fitness and I'm sure would be more than happy to connect. 

Hi @keyeager94 ! So happy to have you in the AthletaWell community and I totally hear you about feeling stuck in your current workout routine! I've definitely been feeling this way and am noticing my body craving different types of movement and intensity as the seasons have started to change, too. I would love to connect more and support you however I can! Please don't hesitate to reach out for some of my top tips to getting out of a workout funk or just to chat. 🙂


I’m a fairly new retiree exploring my next chapter.  Feeling a little overwhelmed and lost right now but excited at the same time.  So glad I found this community!

I am SO excited about this community and platform👏🙏I Congratulations on retirement. I will be retiring next year and have been researching fitness and eating strategies to embrace as my ‘new normal’ in order to

live an active, vibrant, enriching and optimally healthy ‘rest of my life.’  My work is physical and by the time I get home and do the dinner and clean up stuff I am done for the evening. Little by little each day I choose healthy clean eating and a bit of exercise and then I fall off my plan, yet I still start again, and again…It’s a slow cycle for me to build practices, routines and healthy habits. It’s been 35 years of me being very overweight and unfit. I also feel overwhelmed and sometimes unable. So let  both of us (all of us) do this as much as we can, little by little, with the support and tools we have here at ATHLETAWELL. So cool!

Thanks… really enjoying retirement.  I share your struggles with eating and exercise.  I am a lifelong Weight Watcher member - struggling right now to get back to goal.  I thought it would be so easy to do it in retirement.  However, even though you have more time to plan and focus on exercise and health, you also have more time for going out to eat, happy hours and traveling and being out of routine.  That being said, I have been more physically active in retirement.  So… just remember, it is a process.


I've decided to join today and see what's going on in this forum.  I have an exercise routine that I like (run 3x/ week and supplement with light core exercises) but am always looking for new things to keep it interesting.  I'm in my early 50s and the weight is slowly coming on so maybe this will help me stay motivated to keep it stable.  Looking forward to checking out the workouts.  

Getting stronger, faster, healthier at 50! 💪 💪💪

Becoming more connected to myself in order to be better in every aspect of my life

Hi! I love Athleta! Currently in PT and Chiropractor for arthritis in my knee! Trying to keep my spirits up with this and also Trying to get back in shape after my 4th baby!!


Hi AthletaWellTeam, 


I specialize in an exercise technique that helps pelvic floor function and restores scar tissue in this area. It appears many women are interested in learning about this method. Is there anyone I can talk to about filming a video? I would love to share what I know with this community. Please help! Thanks, Amy Sosville