Featured Series: Get Moving Again
Join AthletaWell Guide Chris F. in a three-part video mini-series about getting back into working out. She’ll motivate and inspire you to dive right in.

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Thank you so much everyone for connecting with me in yesterday's live Q & A about my video series Get Moving Again. In our chat, I answered your questions on getting motivated, staying consistent, and celebrating the small wins along the way. Don't w... 

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hey @jennim we missed you during the event but so glad to hear you wanted to watch the recording  enjoy! 

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Hi AthletaWell community! I'm here to help you Get Moving Again in my 3-part video mini-series recorded exclusively for AthletaWell members. Are you coming off of a long time away from your workout routine? I'm here to help you establish mindset for ... 

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It’s hard to find a long stretch of time for myself so it’s great to have these short videos that we can go to for a quick workout. 

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To get back into exercising I've been trying to do things to trick myself. I'll go window shopping for hours just so I get some steps in (and pick up a few things). Or I've been deep cleaning my garage to keep me moving rather than watching TV all da... 

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Since the pandemic I've been having my groceries/shopping delivered so I really don't have to leave the house. Now I've been going to the stores running errands to get moving 

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