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    Understanding Menopause: Mental and Hormonal Health with Therapist Rachel Ruiz

    Published on ‎02-23-2022 03:28 PM by Community Manager | Updated on ‎03-12-2022 09:07 PM

    Event Recap Here >


    AthletaWell and Frame Therapy presents Mental Health Matters – a two-week series of resources, events, and conversations to support your total well-being. To learn more, check out the space here.


    As women, we are constantly experiencing the ebb and flow of hormone changes. But rarely are we empowered with the information to support our bodies and minds through these transitions.


    Join Frame therapist, Rachel Ruiz, for a deep dive into navigating the physical & emotional experience of aging, and how to approach this stage with curiosity, compassion, and community. Rachel will leave time for Q&A at the end to answer all your burning questions. There will also be a chance for one lucky attendee to win a special prize*, so you don't want to miss out!



    Wednesday March 9

    5pm PST | 8pm EST





    If you have any questions about the event or for @Frame_Rachel, please leave them in the comments below!



    Thank you for your interest in this event!


    For your information & review: Frame Therapy workshops & live events are only for educational purposes and do not substitute for mental health treatment with a licensed professional.


    In your role as attendee, the workshop presenter (licensed therapist) is not considered your therapist. Even though you may receive advice/insight/ guidance from the therapist on screen during the workshop, the workshop is not a therapy session. By clicking “YES” or "MAYBE" to attend this event, you voluntarily consent to attend this workshop/demonstration and understand the demonstration is for educational purposes only.


    The Frame x AthletaWell events do not in any way constitute psychotherapy (also referred to as “therapy,” “counseling,” “mental health counseling”) and you are not under the care of the licensed therapist or Frame Wellness Inc.


    *To be entered to win, you must be an AthletaWell, non-Gap Inc. employee, member of AthletaWell and attend the virtual event on March 9th. The winner will be selected at random during the event and will be notified via private message on AthletaWell by an AthletaWell Team Member by 9pm PST on Friday March 18, 2022.

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    Wed, Mar 9, 2022 05:00 PM PST
    Wed, Mar 9, 2022 06:00 PM PST

    Will we be able to discuss solutions that at least work a little bit for us as recommended by physicians and also how many ob/gyn who I have spoken to really have no idea how to help with successful outcomes. No medical advice just to share our experiences.

    @AAF We'll have time for Q & A at the end and happy to hear about workable solutions. We'll have a practice activity too where we'll discuss different forms of self care (including medical support) and how to advocate for yourself. ❤️

    I agree with AAF.  I was literally just told by my physician to let her know if “things” got bad enough then she would resort to prescribing something-hormones.  


    Looking forward to this and hoping discussion includes information and resources on diet, nutrition and physical activities to help during this stage as well as perimenopausal 


    Very much looking forward to this conversation! 


    Will these be provided in demand if we miss it?

    Yes @JNorth1044 - we'll be posting recorded events after the fact. That said, @Frame_Rachel - is holding the same talk/event on Friday at 10am PST. Event link: https://community.athletawell.com/t5/Events/Understanding-Menopause-Mental-and-Hormonal-Health-with/...


    Hope you can make it!


    Will you be able to explain at what point menopause is done?


    Question would like info and resources on natural ways non medicinal ways to deal with perimenopausal phase as well as transition into menopausal phase includi g nutrition mental physical challenges 


    The event description states: "There will also be a chance for one lucky attendee to win a special prize*, so you don't want to miss out!" I listed to the entire event and did hear anything about a drawing? Was there one? Did I miss it? 

    Hi @awwa, during the event, we privately messaged an attendee 45 minutes in to let them know that they were chosen at random and won! We apologize for not announcing during the meeting that a winner had been selected. We will be sure to let all attendees know that a winner has been chosen going forward. Apologies for the confusion!


    I didn’t win one, but I’m sure someone did!  


    I missed this event but read that a recording will be posted. Kindly let us know when it’ll be available. Thank you 🙏🏽

    Community Manager

    In regards to an event recording,


    This event was not recorded to keep the confidentiality and vulnerability of the attendees. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but please check out the Understanding Menopause Event Recap here. Which has a recap and resources to help you along your journey!


    We are so sorry again, but hope to continue the conversation on mental health, menopause, and hormones here, on AthletaWell!


    @JNorth1044 @Madrigal