Live Q & A: obé Fitness Instructors Chat with AthletaWell Team

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Join o instructors Alex Scolari @Alex_obé and Dorian Cervantes @Dorian_obé  in conversation with AthletaWell team members Marisa and Vanessa. Hear directly from your favorite instructors about how they got started teaching and what it's like teaching fitness classes livestream and IRL. Come to the session ready with your questions about all things training, motivation, and commitment. Walk away with strategies for showing up for yourself and tell them the kind of classes you want to practice with next. They can't wait to chat directly with YOU.


Ask Alex and Dorian everything on your mind including but not limited to—


-How do I stay motivated throughout the week?

-How do I know which workout format is right for me?

-What's your philosophy about "cheat days" or "days off?" 

-What's the #1 mistake you see people make when pursuing their fitness goals?


Join us via the Zoom link below.

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