LIVESTREAM: Summer Yoga Flow with Margeaux H.

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Join Body Positivity Guide Margeaux House for a yoga flow designed for all levels to welcome in the longest day of the year. After you flow, stay tuned for a Q&A about life transitions and creating routines, how to get moving, and how to nourish yourself. There is also a giveaway* for those who drop a question below and attend the virtual livestream. Don’t miss out! 



Tuesday June 21 

3 p.m. PST | 6 p.m. EST 




Submit your questions for the Q&A in the comments below and Margeaux will try to answer as many of them as she can.  


*One winner will be announced at the time of the LIVESTREAM: Summer Yoga Flow with Margeaux H. virtual event Tuesday June 21st, 2022. To be entered to win, you must be a non-Gap Inc. employee, member of AthletaWell who comments a question in the comment section on this post HERE and attend the virtual event on June 21st. The winner will be selected at random during the event and will be notified via private message on AthletaWell by an AthletaWell Team Member by 9pm PST on Friday June 24, 2022.

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I know that creating routines is very helpful, but I have trouble initiating the routine I've developed. Any ideas would be so appreciated. Thanks!

I feel you, intiating the routine you create is not always easy.  I think the most important thing to do to get it going is to carve out time for it and protect that time. Let's say you want to add more movement to your life.  Create a plan that feels doable, not overwhelming so that you set yourself up for success.  Maybe you start by saying I am going to add intentional movement to my life 3 days a week.  Then look at your scheudle and find the best 3 days and the best time in those 3 days.  Put that time on your calendar and if something else comes up...treat that time as if it was a meeting that you cannot cancel.  I am just using this as an example, it could be applied to anything that you would like to do for yourself.

Thanks! Love the "... treat that time as if it was a meeting you cannot cancel." !

How to get started again after pregnancy?


What do you recommend to help quite the negative self thoughts?

I love positive affirmations and incorporate them into my daily life.  Check out these posts I shared recently.  The first is mirror work and the other is how to create affirmations.  Both of these things can help to quiet the negative thoughts.  Give them a shot and let me know how it goes.



Speaking of life transitions - any advice on how to adjust yoga routines for pregnancy (or any resource recommendations)?

Congrats on the new addition!  The main thing with yoga and pregnancey is no laying on the belly and keep the twisting to a minimum.  Aside from that there are many asana's you can move through.  I might suggest reaching out to your studio and asking about which teachers have classes that may be more geared toward mindfulness around preganancy.  Also, you should always let the instructor know that you are pregnant.  they can offer modifications around the flow that they have prepared for the class.


I need help getting to bed on time! 8 months ago, my husband and I bought our first place and moved (just 4 blocks away). Around the same time, I started a new part time job and started working my previous job full time. I used to be soooo disciplined with going to bed on time and keeping the habit of making choices that supported getting enough sleep. I now struggle with things that felt naturally to me. Asa result of not sleeping enough, I cut back my running mileage, which makes me feel even worse. It's all downhill. I would appreciate any guidance to get me back on course.

I find that when I've had a routine that I have fallen out of it helps to go back to the basics and look at "What was I doing differently when my routine was what I wanted it to be" and more importantly  "How was I feeling".   Instead of beating yourself up about what you are not doing, try to remember how good you feel when you were showing up for yourself in your routine. Then start to figure out what you need to do to set yourself up for success. Maybe take one thing off your plate that keeps you up late...can it wait til tomorrow?  Can you begin to implement those things again?  Maybe challenge yourself to 2 weeks of getting to bed on time and getting up to run.  See if that then rolls into a month and so on. They sayit takes 30 days to create a new habit. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you so much! This is all so helpful! I'll update you in a few weeks. 🙂 


I am looking for techniques to help me turn down the racing thoughts that pop up in the middle of the night. Any suggestions?


I’m in a rut. What are your best get motivated tips?


If I have planter fasciitis, is it safe to do yoga? My doctor prescribed doing stretches but I don’t know if it is safe to do downward dogs so consistently. 

I also have planter fasciaitis and it feels much better when I am practicing yoga reguarly.  Many of the asanas help to stretch the planter fascia so it can actually help your issues. Downward dog is great for increasing the flexibility of the hamstrings and calves to loosen the strain on the plantar fascia. Remember in down dog that your heels do not need to touch the floor.  Lower your heels to a point that feels good for you.  Maybe even comeup on your tippy toes and then re extend your heels toward the floor to help strech your feet.


What do you differently to teach a solstice class different from a regular yoga class? 


Trying to introduce my teens to the joy of yoga. Any tips?

When it comes to kids and yoga I think it is importat to make if fun.  There are many studios that offer kids classes and plenty of online yoga classes for kids that will have fun music.  If it feels too serious for kids it typically will not hold thier attention for long.


How do you stay body positive despite all the things you see on social media and on tv/ film?