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LIVE Empower From Within: Low-Impact Burn + Q&A w/ Chris Freytag

Published on ‎03-01-2022 02:59 PM by | Updated on ‎03-17-2022 01:44 PM

Join AthletaWell Guide, Chris Freytag, for a 20min Low-Impact Burn to challenge both your muscles and your mind.


In this class, Chris will take you through intervals of strength training followed by short intervals of rest, to build a sweat and leave you feeling powerful using just your own bodyweight. And the best part? The entire class will be low-impact and friendly on your joints, making it the perfect fit for those looking to dive back into a fitness routine or move without the extra jumping and impact.


Stick around after class to ask Chris your most burning questions about strength training, how it can empower you as you age, and anything else you want answered about your movement and fitness journey.



Wednesday March 16

4pm PST | 7pm EST


Check out the recording:

Low-Impact Burn + Q&A Recording >


@Chris_F is a true believer in helping all fitness levels succeed on their movement journey.  So, if you are just getting back into the game of fitness or if you are already used to working out - this class will meet you exactly where you are and Chris can't wait to support you! 


Please submit your questions for Chris to answer during the Q&A after the workout in the comments below. Can't wait to see you there.!

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Wed, Mar 16, 2022 04:00 PM PDT
Wed, Mar 16, 2022 05:00 PM PDT
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I'm excited to have you join me and get motivated to strength train!!  We can do this!!  

I’ll be getting off the slopes to join ❤️


Will the class be recorded to access later? I don’t think I can get off early from work to make it, but it looks like fun!

The class will be recorded! We'll be sure to let you know once its posted for you to view on-demand @MichMom2 

When should we expect to get the recording of the zoom session? Thanks 

Community Manager

Hi @NanT! We should have the recording up by tomorrow. We will notify those who RSVP'd once its posted so you will be the first to know 🙂


Will there be a recording for those of us who cannot attend?  Thanks!

I am pretty sure they will make this workout available after the live event - @Vanessa can you confirm?  

just saw - yes it will be available !!