LIVE CHAT: Breast Cancer and Advocating for Yourself with Drs. Tiffany Lester and Jaclyn Tolentino

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Published on ‎09-09-2021 07:12 AM by Guide | Updated on ‎09-09-2021 01:39 PM

Join Dr. TIffany Lester for a lively discussion with Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino about hormone health as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino will be talking with us about her breast cancer journey, what she wish she knew in hindsight, and how best to advocate for yourself at the doctor's office. The discussion will close with a live Q&A.



Monday October 4

9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST


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Is it disrespectful to question your doctor? It seems like she has a pill for everything, but I want to be included in my health course; I want to be able to explore all options.

I am 65 and still on the lowest dose of hormones. Estradiol .5 and progestin.5 my gyn says since I have low risk I can stay on it. But when I speak with his nurse practitioner she says I should stop at 65. Tried last year to stop and got hot flashes and crabby. Any thoughts on what u think

Thank you for your question! While we won't be able to give individual medical advice during this conversation I believe it will still be full of valuable information for you. See you on Monday!