Grounding: 21-days of Body Awareness

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Published on ‎09-10-2021 08:27 AM by Guide | Updated on ‎09-10-2021 08:36 AM

Today we'll begin our 21-Day Grounding: Body Awareness practice. The invitation for the month is to spend 1-minute each day, checking in and scanning what's being felt physically, emotionally and mentally. The way we'll do that is with a daily 1-minute body scan.

Here an example of how you can do this body scan:

4 Helpful tips:


  1. Time of Day: If you know consistency is challenging for you, choose a specific time of the day! Set an alarm if you need to. Have a timer to help you track your time.
  2. Location: This can be done anywhere, so let go of your limits about only doing this practice on your cushion. Try it the shower or when you're cooking dinner.
  3. Doing more: For the 21 days, just stick to 1-minute. If you'd like to do more, great, aim for 21-days of consistent 1-minute grounding.
  4. Let go of perfection: This isn't about creating the perfect meditation. Let's just try being with what arises! There is no wrong way to do this practice.

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Looking forward to learning more!

Yay! That's awesome! Hoping your 1-minute practice a day is going well!

Community Manager
Me too!
Love the 1 minute challenge!

Yes! How is it working for you? I'm having days where even 1-minute feels like a lot, but the awareness is so helpful!

Love this!

How is it working out for you? Have you found the challenge easy or are you feeling challenged by it?


I'm enjoying this 1-minute grounding!🌸