Ask Me Anything: Self-Care is NOT Selfish

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Published on ‎08-13-2021 08:14 AM by Guide | Updated on ‎08-17-2021 12:21 PM

We'll be tapping into the idea that taking care of yourself first is must in order to show up fully for others, share tips on how to create a self-care practice and examine the things that may be holding us back.



Wednesday August 18

4:00 - 5:00 pm PT / 7:00 - 8:00 pm ET



In the comments below!


Take a moment to think about some of the questions below before we chat:

What does self-care look like for you?

What prevents you from showing up for yourself?

How do you make space for yourself?

How do you feel when you show up for yourself consistently? 


How to participate:

Drop your all your comments and Q's in the comments below by 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Wed. August 18. Margeaux will be back on August 18 to reply to all your questions on the thread during this event time!

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Because I work and take care of my family and the house, I am just so tired. What are some self care things to do when you're too tired to even care for yourself?

I hear you there are days when I am so tired I feel like I never did anything for myself.  When you are feeling exhausted sleep is a serious form of self care.  Maybe a long bath just before bed, or even taking a few minutes to make yourself your favorite cup of tea or cocktail. Sometimes self-care for me looks like watching an episode of the Real Housewives :).  Simply finding a few minutes to do something that is just for you is the perfect form of self care. 


self care recommendations after heart break?

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you are mending a broken heart.  Be klind and compassionate with yourself. Grab a pint of icecream, binge watch Netflix, indulge in all the things you love.  Spend time with people who make you laugh and feel good.  Whatever brings you joy tap into that.  Create a self-care practice carving out  a set time each day,  whether an hour or a few minutes.  Let that time be used for something you truly enjoy. 


should there be a limit on how much self care to do? i just want to treat myself all the time lol #myownbestfriend

That's an excellent question and I think that as long as you are not hurting yourself in anyway then why not treat yourself.  I do think that if self-care turns into excessive behavior then maybe it's time to pull backa a bit 😉