Ask Me Anything: About Your Menstrual Cycle

Published on ‎10-10-2021 05:02 PM by Guide

Our period is like our fifth vital sign for women. What should we be looking for as a part of our holistic health? Join Dr. Tiffany Lester, functional medicine physician, in asking your burning questions about your menstrual cycle.


Questions we could cover:

- Is birth control ok?

- What does a normal period look like?

- Do I need to exercise or eat differently at different points of my cycle?


List YOUR question in the comments below, on or before Friday 10/29 at 9am PST. (And yes, you can just copy one of those questions above, if that's what you're curious about.) 


Dr. Lester will pop in here live between 9-10 am PST on Friday, October 29th, to answer all your period questions.

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There are many options of birth control that limit or stop your release of eggs. 2 questions: Is it really okay for a woman not to have a cycle for years? And secondly, what happens to the unreleased eggs? Thank you!