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    Emotional Wellbeing • 5 min read

    Your Post-Travel Relief Guide


    Full Body Stretch Routine for Travel Days. (1).jpg Full Body Stretch Routine for Travel Days..jpg

    Watch my videos above to better support your well-being while traveling!


    9 Ways To Support Yourself During Travel:


    1.   Take resources to help with pain: this doesn’t have to be bulky. If you’re dealing with tension and you know foam rolling helps, pack a mini roller or a tennis ball. Throw some resistance bands inside a hollow roller to help with space! If you are taking medication, don’t forget to take it with you. Your health has to be a priority.


    2.   Manage sleep: Time changes can be tough, jet lag can mess with quality sleep. Consider tools to help maintain a “normal” sleep schedule like monitoring caffeine intake and opting for something like an eye cover for sleep when it’s bright out.


    3.   Eat & hydrate well: Pack snacks, eat, and drink your water! It’s easy to lose track of meals as you travel through meal times or different time zones. Remember your body needs it essential nutrients to function. Carbs are a major source of energy, and those with conditions with diabetes should be aware of their blood sugar levels. For more on food choices, check out our nutrition guide @Heather_C.


    4.   Pack comfort for travel: If neck pillows or back support is your jam, then be sure to take it with you on flights or long car rides. If you have to stay in a single position for a while, try to make it as comfortable as possible to minimize aches and pains.


    5.   Stretch breaks during travel: Motion is lotion! On the plane, try to get up and take a few steps to allow joints to stay lubricated and muscles to feel less tense. For the road trips, focus on tight areas at your next gas station stop or rest break. Pro tip: the shoulders, hips, back, and hamstrings and calves get notoriously tight for most people Stretch these out and move some when you get a chance.


    6.   Give yourself grace: Moving your body is important, but so is acknowledging your environment may be different. If you don’t have access to a gym and workouts are your usual form of exercise, give yourself grace in trying something new like a short walk or accepting that you’ll be away a bit. Enjoy the food, too. You will be back to your normal day-to-day life before you know it. Your body doesn’t change overnight, so try to welcome the change in routine.


    7.   Manage stress & disconnect: Turn on that vacation responder because you are out of office (unless it’s for work?)! Try your best to disconnect to give your mind a break. Increased stress can be correlated with increased pain or sensitivity in the body. Try to disconnect when you can.


    8.   Move your body: Continue to engage in physical activity while traveling. Try to take the stairs, go on walks, utilize your hotel gym. Rent bikes and explore the city you’re staying in. Try kayaking or paddle boarding, even surf! Make it a family affair, a friends outing, or go solo. Remember, not all physical activity has to look like a “structured workout” to be healthy!


    9.   Feed your soul: Remember, wellness is all-encompassing. Spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional self-care should always be accounted for. Try to allow time for yourself, even if it’s 5 minutes during the morning or day. Traveling can be a lot, but there are ways to make it as enjoyable as possible – if not the fabulous vacation you deserve!


    What do you struggle with when traveling? Let me know in the comments below what tip(s) you'll be taking on your next vacation!

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