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Meet Real: Expert Support for Your Mental Wellbeing

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Real, a new kind of mental wellness app designed to fit your schedule, comfort level, and needs. Their therapists and tools will empower you with the skills you need to take control of your emotional wellbeing, so you are armed with mental health tools when you need it most.


Ready to dive in? Head to Real, create an account,

then enter the code ATHLETAWELL at checkout to start your free 30-day trial.


This month, we’re teaming up with Real to bring you a series powered by their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nina Vasan, MD, MBA, that’s all about nourishing the most important connections in your life to fuel your mental health. From maintaining friendships through adulthood and effective ways to support your friends through their own emotional challenges to how to navigate relationships that no longer serve you, Real will offer expert tips to keep you connected during one of life’s busiest seasons: the holidays. 


Meet Dr. Nina, Chief Medical Officer and Psychiatrist: As CMO of Real, Dr. Nina Vasan is committed to ensuring everyone has access to affordable, high-quality, clinically effective mental health care. Outside of her work at Real, she is a psychiatrist and professor at Stanford University, where she is the Founder and Executive Director of Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation. She has served as a healthcare advisor to the United Nations, the World Health Organization's Director-General's Office, and two presidential campaigns. As someone who faced challenges accessing care even as a medical professional when diagnosed with depression and anxiety, it is a personal and professional mission for Dr. Nina to make it easier for everyone to take care of their mental health and wellness. 


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Our series all around connection and mental health drops on November 14. Ready to go deeper today? Leave @Real_DrNina a question on her Ask Me Anything: Maintaining Relationships. 




Check out our full line up of resources that will help strengthen your connection within your community and your relationships:


Psst...Ready to dive in? Head to Real, create an account, then enter the code ATHLETAWELL at checkout to start your free 30-day trial.


Disclaimer: Even though you may receive advice, insight, or guidance from experts in the AthletaWell Community, please note that this is not medical advice and we always recommend speaking with your doctor.


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