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AthletaWell x Alicia Keys: The Game to Spark Soul Connection

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it can be easy to get in the shuffle of never-ending to-do lists and packed social calendars. With those social calendars also comes time to gather and connect with loved ones. We created a game, inspired by Alicia Keys' most-valued connections with her circle, to support you as you navigate and nourish your own connections. Whether you're excited for the time together or need support through more challenging dynamics, this game is designed to meet you where you're at.


Want to maximize your time together with loved ones this year? Download (or screenshot) the game below here to see each of the prompts and prep for your upcoming gatherings.


How to play: We recommend playing in a group or gathering setting and having open conversation with your loved ones guided by each prompt (that's the game!). By the end, you will have learned more about your friends and/or family and feel more connected to them through your time together.


Did you get a chance to play? Tell us the prompt that created the most nourishing conversation for your circle in the comments below.




HOL22-D2_AW-AK_CardDeck_3-2 (1).jpg


HOL22-D2_AW-AK_CardDeck_3-3 (1).jpg






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