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AN UPDATE FROM ATHLETAWELL We're saying goodbye to our community platform in November. Learn more

Emotional Wellbeing

An important message from AthletaWell

Community Manager
Community Manager

We launched AthletaWell in July 2021. As a brand with a mission of empowering women and girls, the platform was rooted in these values to create community and provide space to navigate the complexities of modern-day womanhood.


We're always looking for new avenues that relate to our mission of igniting the limitless potential in all women and girls. This is why we’ve made the decision to close AthletaWell as of November 2023.  


The community we built through AthletaWell will remain a priority for us, and we will continue to create new experiences that reward our customers and enable them to connect with our brand—like the Athleta app, our store insider program, and in-store community events. We are also committed to identifying opportunities to build moments of connection with our customers that celebrate the power of women and girls everywhere.


Thank you for your involvement in making AthletaWell what it is today. Until November, please continue to enjoy all of our resources and connections you’ve made, and stay tuned for more by following us on Instagram and LinkedIn or visiting your local Athleta to sign up for the Athleta insider program.




Will AthletaWell be replaced with another digital platform in the future? 

As of now, we’re not planning to launch another digital platform. 


What will Athleta do to continue fostering its community now that AthletaWell is closing? 

Today and always, we will continue looking for opportunities to unite our powerful community of women. AthletaWell’s legacy will live on through these moments of connection and community, and we’re excited for what’s to come.  


We’ll also provide ways for our customers to connect with us through the Athleta app for the latest news and product drops, in-store community events, social media, and more. 


Will we be able to access the workout classes and resources?

AthletaWell’s content has helped thousands of women connect on various topics rooted in female wellbeing; we’re incredibly proud of that.


Given this, we are currently iterating on ways to leverage and repurpose the content for future use.  


What will happen to my account?

Your AthletaWell account will deactivate along with the community platform. This will not affect your Athleta Rewards loyalty account, so there's no action for you to take.


Will we be able to connect with fellow members and expert Guides?

We encourage you to reach out to members that you've connected with! Feel free to send them a private message to stay in touch. 


As we close this chapter, we'd love to hear from you about your favorite moments on AthletaWell.