Sunday Scaries Help


Hi everyone -

How do you handle your Sunday evening rush to get a healthy dinner on the table, get the kitchen cleaned up, and get the kids ready for back to school? Can anyone relate?? Would love some tips for go-to Sunday evening rituals that get you set up for a sane start to the week. Much appreciated!



Sunday scaries are real! Here are a few things I do to try to stay sane and ease into the week: 

1) Dinner menu plan for the week. This way we're not trying to figure out our every night. 

2) Prep my weekly planner with any appointments or extras for the week. I also take a few minutes to add some stickers or decorations. They make me smile. 

3) After our son goes to bed I get the rest of the evening to myself while my husband games with a friend. I use that time to put on a face mask, read, watch a show, or take a bath. They are little things that let me unwind and come into Monday fully present.