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    More Energy


    Hello. I wfh and take care of my family. It can be hard to maintain high energy. I drink coffee in the morning and will eat candy during the day when I'm feeling tired. Hoping this group has ways they keep their energy up all day long

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    I try to make time for short walks during the day. Sometimes it's a struggle to get myself to do it, but even 5-7 minutes will boost my energy and I *never* regret it. 

    @BubblyMom - same! I also aim to get outside shortly after the sun rises to help regulate circadian rhythm, blood sugar, etc. Even just a few minutes of indirect sunlight can be a game-changer for energy throughout the day.

    Water is a huge part of keeping my energy high and fatigue low. I will even use electrolytes on hot days to give myself a bigger boost of hydration and energy. Instead of candy or snacks high in sugar (though I am guilty of that too) I try to plan ahead and prep nuts and nondairy yogurt for some healthy fats and protein. Other options are eggs, cheese, avocado, nut butter, and smoothies with protein powder! Good luck!


    Hi, @kj36928! As someone who also works from home and take care of my family, I empathize! See here for my go-to list of foods that help with energy: wellnesswithedie.com/healthy-foods-that-give-you-energy/. Rather than reach for candy, opt for foods like bananas and roasted sweet potatoes for a natural boost. ❤️