Hacks for Working Through The Day Better


Hi Athletawell family! 


As part of this month's physical therapy topic of Ergonomics with Working at the Desk, I wanted to continue the conversation beyond just set up. How do you take a typical desk work day, and make it healthier? (P.s. If you missed the Desk Set Up video I shared, you can find it here!)


Personally, I try to take the stairs over the elevator as much as possible and remember to keep a filled glass of water nearby because if not.. I will continuously sip on coffee lol! I also really enjoy using my standing converter desk and standing on an anti-fatigue mat. 


What tips do you have for those who have to work from home all day, or just at a desk, to achieve a  healthier workday? This could be anything from a more comfortable desk set up to a more active or more mindful day! I think we can all use some new ideas.



I like to leave my yoga mat laid out so that if I have a quick break I can do a stretch or a few lunges. Or even just lay down on it. Feels great even for 2 minutes if that’s all I can get!

What a smart thing to do! I always have my mat next me I should start looking it as a reason to get down an stretch for a second!


You can do yoga at your desk too!!! Just stand up and stretch! Hmm should we do a desk yoga class together 🤔

Love this idea!

I think you're onto something!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I've recently been setting alarms on my phone to check in with my body and breath every two hours. It's been a helpful reminder for me to take breaks, get up and stretch, or get outside even for 5 minutes to give myself a break + reset. 🙂

@Dani_P I thought of you the other day because I challenged myself with my breath during my masked work times. This is awesome! I'll definitely do this.