Learn about what key points are important for an ergonomic workstation to help reduce chances of aches and pains throughout the day. In this video  I talk about general tips to avoid neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow or back discomfort by utilizing optimal positioning. 


My best tips:

  • Make sure the monitor is at or near eye-level to you - and close enough to avoid poking your neck forward to see it. 
  • Bring all necessary viewpoints/monitors within your sight as best as possible. This way, you can cover all you need to look at by simply moving your eyes. 
  • Invest in a separate keyboard so you can place your monitor where it needs to be. 
  • Keep the mouse close-ish; mousing too far away or with a lowered or shrugged shoulder can aggravate nerves. 
  • Fill the low back space in a chair with a towel or shirt. 
  • Yoga blocks make GREAT footrests and monitor stands. Even back support!
  • Towel rolls work well for wrist cushions at the keyboard. 
  • The best posture, is the next posture. Sitting cross legged or at the coffee table is fine! As long as you move before things start to feel tight. Switch it up and honor the right set up if you do have pain in certain areas. 


For more information on this topic, check out Dr. Leada's website here.


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Dr. Leada