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    What are you taking into next year?


    Personally, I'm not ready for the resolution talk for next (week) year... but I DID spend some time reflecting today. With all that's going on, I'm feeling the weight of this year coming to an end and realizing how much we've really gone though. I've been on fight-or-flight for quite some time and it's now time to slow down and reflect. I've realized I really want to take some things into 2022, and I say that as not a resolution to "start" next week, but to give myself some grace. I've been taking care of myself, but I'd like to keep taking care of myself better - more. I need to recognize when it's time to say "no" and do something purely for recharging my own battery.


    But I also love that I've found new ways of nurturing relationships this year when physical presence couldn't be an option. Phone check ins, texts, or mailing something nice has been a great shift for me. I'd like to keep doing that as well.


    I've realized we may have longer to go with all that's going on in the pandemic and whatnot.. but it's time to take a deep breath and re-center. 

    Anyone else feeling this way? What have you found to help? Any epiphanies or realizations?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    This is so beautiful @Leada_M, I've been having similar reflections as well. I realized that my support system has really pushed me (especially this past year) and I really want to be sure that I am pouring back into them. Recentering is really key for this transition, how do you like to recenter? For me, it's usually being alone for a whole day just doing what makes me feel good!

    Thank you @Vanessa! I'm living the recentering right now and currently deciding what I need best. So far, I need a clean space, a clear to-do list, and to set goals. I just finished one of my jobs so I'll be transitioning to a new position (hopefully) in the near future, but things are quite unknown at the moment! I could use the accountability for this task to stay grounded during the change lol!

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    That's so exciting! We're all rooting for you, fingers and toes are crossed 🙂 Cleaning and reorganizing is definitely at the top of my to-do list. My space always reflects my mind, so I think once I have a fresh space, I'll be able to think clearer. We're in this together! @Leada_M