What Techniques Do You Use To Take Care Of Your Inner Child?


I wanted to share this IG post from pop star Camila Cabello, because she is really speaking to her inner child and it is such a strong example of how we as women have so many unrealistic expectations of others placed on our bodies. It is often hard to remember, in reality the only perception of your body that should matter is your own.  It also begs the question how do you take care of your inner child?  What techniques do you use to allow space for her, to find freedom for her?



Community Manager
Community Manager

such a powerful post -- thank you for sharing @Margeaux_H ❤️ I've found that journaling and almost writing as if I we're talking to my inner child has been really supportive for me, especially from my experience with body image growing up in the ballet world. curious what you and other members find helpful?

I speak to my inner child verbally often, like full on conversations :).   I have also worked toward finding ease in playfulness.  When I am in situations where I feel like I am being judged or scrutinized I stop remind myself that all I need to do is be myself, I am allowed to take up space and that is enough.  


@Margeaux_H Thank you for the IG post. 👍