Welcome back to you. Where are you emotionally right now?

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Take a breath and ground yourself in this present moment. Whatever you are feeling, let's feel it all the way through.

So let's pause.

Take a big inhale in for 1-2-3-4-5. Exhale out 5-4-3-2-1. 


Now, how are you doing, really?


Every Wednesday we are taking a moment to catch our breath and check in with ourselves. What challenges or obstacles have popped up for you this week? What are you proud of and ready to celebrate? Even if it’s just one word which describes your mood, share with the group here and find you’re not alone.


Support one another and let us all share this moment together.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Been feeling defeated, but I think this feeling forces me to regroup, rest, and try again. Not giving up, but maybe just need a break?

Taking a break or a "step back" is often so helpful! Can you block some time out to go do something just for you? Even if it's a short walk or blasting one of your favorite songs and forcing yourself to dance it out? Sometimes I sit for a while in the defeated feeling, but when I do something to shake it up like play Lizzo, volume up, I can move through it a little bit. Then take a few minutes to jot down what I'm proud of (taking a break can be on that list)!

You had me at Lizzo! I have been taking more moments to get away like taking long drives just to be alone with myself. But I think I need to take a big step back and really find myself again. I've never been much of a person to write down my feelings, but that could be what I'm missing. Besides defeated, lost is another feeling. So I think it's about time I find myself and remember who I am! Thank you @mmyogabeach 

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Community Manager

Foggy! Today I'm feeling a bit foggy and slow. I think I've been trying to achieve a lot/pack a lot into my schedule lately and it's catching up to me in ways I'm recognizing as overload: forgetting to reply to texts or emails, leaving my keys at home, not feeling present in conversations with my partner or family.


Could also be this foggy SF weather...




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Community Manager

@Margie Karl the Fog can be held accountable for many instances of foggyheadedness 🤣- August in SF is tough with the lack of sunlight ☀️in certain neighborhoods - the good news is your best weather in SF is just around the corner. have you ever tried one of those solar light lamps? I haven't yet but have been wondering about it


I have been SO exhausted the last few days and I really don't know why! I've had to pass on workouts for 3 days now and instead try to opt for stairs, walks, and some easy stretching because it's just been so late every day. I think it might be the weather? some of the smoke from the wildfire? And/or all the stress about what's going on in the world. Amazing how this can subtly take a toll on energy levels..