WEEK 4: Body & Self Love Challenge- FORGIVE YOURSELF


It's the last week of our Body & Self Love Challenge and I hope you are all finding these challenges helpful on your journey to having a better relationship with yourself and your body.  For this final week I want to challenge you to learn to start forgiving yourself.  Each day this week take on one thing that you would normally beat yourself up about and try to let it go.  We all have days where we feel like we didn't show up enough, were not good enough, didn't produce enough, made a poor decision...the list goes on and on.  When you start to break yourself down in all the ways you feel like you were not enough, STOP and show yourself some grace.  Remind yourself that you are enough and begin to forgive yourself.  Forgiveness is not always an easy thing whether we are learning to forgive ourselves or others so this may be the ultimate  challenge for some, but it is the beginning of healing and growing.  Have a great week. I can't wait to chat with you all next week about how this month's challenges touched you. xx M


Yes to all of this! ❤️ Definitely need to actively remind myself to show myself some grace. I find it easier to forgive others than myself at times. I think it goes back to the theme of this challenge to show myself some love. Thanks @Margeaux_H


Oh yes. My ego loves to dig up old news and lay on the guilt. It doesn't serve me and brings me to a lower vibe immediately.  I feel like my practices of recognizing and letting go really has never actually helped me let any of it go, though. 

Totally agree.   I use to be like a dog with a bone...bury things and then keep digging them up.  It is not always easy to forgive and let go but it is such an important part of healing.