Hi Everyone!

Today starts weeks 2 of the Body & Self love challenge and this week we are focusing on setting boundaries.  If there is one way to show yourself respect it is to set boundaries with those around you.  While it isn't always easy to say no especially to those you love, it is important to do so to protect yourself and your piece of mind.  So, this week I challenge you each day to say NO to one thing that you don't want to do whatever that may be.  Then take that time that you would have spent on that task, or what you may be doing for someone else and spend that time doing something that is just for you.  This may sound easy but often we find ourselves showing up for others before ourselves and there is nothing wrong with putting yourself first.  Have a great week and feel free to drop in the comments section all the things you are saying no to each day and what you are doing for yourself.  Be Well-Margeaux 



Ooo this is a major challenge! But I'll give this a shot and report back. Saying "no" to someone usually leaves me with regret and I fear saying no more than saying yes. Would love to shift that perspective!

I use to feel the same way and said yes to everything leaving very little space for myself.  Then I also had to take a look at myself and ask "I am showing up for others to avoid showing up for myself and working on the things I need to work on for me?"  Saying yes to everything can also be an avoidance technique so that we don't have to look at ourselves.  Good luck with this weeks challenge. Keep me posted on how it goes.


@Margeaux_H Great challenge.  I think about boundaries a lot and don't often implement them.  One that is big for me is creating a healthy transition between work and sleep.  Focusing on putting my computer in sleep mode by 9pm and then winding down my on brain to be asleep by 10pm.  I have to admit even though I practice sleep medicine for my day job I am not a perfect sleeper.  On that note, it's 9:04pm.  G'night!

Sometimes I feel the same way.  Practicing what we teach is not always easy, but forgive yourself and get some sleep!