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    Valentine's Day Self-Love Collection

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but the best day to show yourself some love is every day! Self love is prioritizing your well-being and happiness by continuously showing up for yourself in the ways that feel good to you.


    I rounded up some of my favorite posts on AthletaWell that are dedicated to loving yourself in the best ways possible! Check out the collection below and don't forget to give yourself a big ol' hug afterwards!


    Let me know in the comments how you plan to show yourself some love this Valentine's day! And if you're committed to the self-love journey, drop a heart below. On V-Day, I make myself chocolate covered strawberries and watch rom-coms! This ritual warms my heart and I look forward to it each year ❤️



    ❤️ Self Love Series with obe Fitness instructor Alex S. >

    This self-love yoga flow is dedicated to you by grounding yourself in stretches and hip openers to make you feel good. With four 10-minute workouts, you can stack them all or take it day by day.


    ❤️ 5 minute Guided Self Love Meditation with Margeaux H. >

    Margeaux's guided meditation is to help you stop, and take the time to show yourself some extra love. In just five minutes, you can reconnect with yourself in the fact that you are loved, liked, and enough.


    ❤️ Self Compassion as a Tool for Better Sleep with Val C. >

    When your mind is racing a mile a minute in bed, it can be hard to fall asleep. Dr. Val Cacho utilizes gentleness and kindness as a tool to quiet negative self-talk. Caring for yourself can tuck you into bed and lead to more peaceful sleep.


    ❤️ 20 Minute: Self-Love Affirmation Flow with Sarah E. >

    We are quick to compliment and affirm the people in our lives, but what happened to showing ourselves the same kindness? Sarah guides you in a yoga flow using hip openers to affirm yourself and spread kindness throughout your body.


    ❤️ Food Is Love and I Love My Body: Recipe Share >

    The way to your own heart is through your stomach! Food is a common happy place that brings people together, but is also a comfort in your own body. Check out this thread for some yummy recipes and don't forget to share your own faves!


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    Love all of these so much! Thanks for rounding these up for the community!

    ❤️ treating myself to a mani/pedi and some *light* shopping

    Thanks so much for sharing Vanessa! I am focusing on self-love this month and just did a search for it on the platform. Love this round up. I have the next 5 days of self- love exercises planned out thanks to you. ❤️