The boundary worked!


My husband asked me to wake up extra early this morning to load packages in his car for work. I had a headache and knew I needed to sleep in instead. I was so afraid to disappoint him. I told him I was going to sleep in instead, and he didn't mind at all. When was the last time you put up a boundary to protect yourself, and what was the outcome? 



I am firm believer in boundry setting because it is so important to protect your energy.  There was a time in my life where I had no boundaries and would show up for everyone before I showed up for myself and it left me feeling depleated, in poor health and resentful.  The thing is I really couldn't really blame anyone but myself.  It wasn't until I started to practice more self-care that I realized how important boundaries are and I became less afriad to set them.  Now I lay them down with anyone without thinking twice and it feels so good to take care of myself.  Anyone who is upset with you setting a boundry is because they don't want to respect them.