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    Solo Trip This Year


    Where are good places to vacation alone? Looking for a generally safe place, that's both fun and relaxing. I'm also a foodie so good local restaurants are a plus!!

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    Coeur d’Alene is beautiful, downtown has good restaurants, the lake is gorgeous. Lots of outdoor recreation, right in town, including hiking Tubbs Hill.

    Just looked it up, it looks amazing! What's the best time of year to visit? @cuebowgrl 

    Spring and summer, although if you are a skier, winter has plenty of options, fairly close to Coeur d’Alene (also known as CDA). We are having a cool and rainy spring, summers here are usually warm, but not terribly hot, other than a few days.


    How about a city with a lot of museums, or botanical gardens? I enjoy visiting both solo! 

    I love museums! Somewhere that does city tours would be perfect as well @thecrispycrab 

    Washington, DC. Great museums, food, botanical gardens and if you get outside the Mall area (where most of the museums and monuments are) there's so much to explore. With all the business travelers, restaurants are used to solo travelers. Spring and Fall are best ( NOT SUMMER unless you like heat and humidity), with Fall getting slightly higher marks for fewer tourists. 


    I've done two solo international trips before and loved them both. The first solo trip I went on was to the South of France and the Italian Coast and it was so beautiful, so relaxing, and of course, amazing food. I was pretty young at the time so I stayed in a hostel and made some friends and explored with them at some points in the trip. At other points, I got an Airbnb to have some relaxing alone time. What I found interesting was that often times a dinner, I would be sat with other solo travelers at the small restaurants and got to meet a lot of interesting people! It was a great experience. The other trip was to Paris and it's definitely solo travel friendly!  

    Those trips sound so fun! I may have to get a passport ASAP. It's so cool that you were able to meet other solo-travelers. as well. Also, I miss the days when Airbnb were a lot more affordable 😞 @surfingob 


    I love Paris and while it is a romantic city there is so much to do and see all on your own.  The food is amazing and almost everyone speask english.  Super easy to get around and you can rent a small air bnb in the Marais for not much money at all.

    Thats such a good point that most people speak english! Its always a fear of being taken advantage of because of a language barrier @Margeaux_H 


    I've enjoyed visiting cities solo - while I sometimes get a little lonely it is great to be able to choose the itinerary for the day.  I have only been to English speaking cities alone (a number in the US plus London and Toronto) but am inspired to broaden my horizons by some of these posts.  I'd love to visit a number of other places!  Top of my list are Paris and Rome!

    OMG Love both of these cities.  Rome is amazing and super easy to get around...the shopping is fabulous too! and Paris well I love her too!  Can;t go wrong with either.  My husband and I just did Rome and Florence over Thanksgivng if you go to Rome you can take the high speed train to Florence and be there in 1.5hrs totally worth doing as a day trip or overnight.  Enjoy!


    Been alone in Florence Italy for a few days.....it felt fine and very safe.  I took an evening tour with a guide which I recommend.  Also spent time in Paris on my own.  It was all good.  The only thing I don't love is eating dinner alone.  I usually have a big lunch in a restaurant and take snacks and wine back to my apt/hotel for dinner.