Self Affirmation

I have a hard time being positive with myself and being respectful to myself. Do you have any tips or things that will help me and others?


@LilyWood I have the same bad habit. I seem to always talk down to myself to the point where my sister has to remind me to stop being so negative. What helps me is when I do something good (making lunch, sleeping on time, taking care of myself etc) I cheer for myself! No matter how big or small, I give myself a "you go girl!" I also try to match every negative comment with a positive one. For the amount of energy I use putting myself down, I realized I could be using that for something so much better. It takes time but we'll get there ❤️

Hey! Thank you for that, that helped a lot! That’s such a good way to think about it. I’m glad you have a sister that will help with that. I only have a step sister and we do not get along at all. In fact I think that is a lot of the reason I have my self doubt. You go girl!!💕 Also random question, but is your middle name Marie?

I'm sorry about that, but I hope you have a support system that can help uplift you and keep you accountable to being kinder to yourself 🙂 and haha yes it is! @LilyWood 


Hi!  Here a few things you can try to help with keeping negative self-talk at bay. Check out the links to a How to Create Affirmations post and  a Mirror Work post that I think could help and let me know your thoughts.




Remember you are a child of God created in His image. You are loved by your Heavenly Father. When I get discouraged, I look at God's word, which gives me the answers. You are worthy of His love and worthy of self-love. You are unique and have gifts that no one else possesses just like your DNA is unique and unreplicable. the Bible says, "The Joy of the Lord is our strength." 


I also have had difficulty with this issue.  The most helpful thing has been to learn to treat myself like I would treat my children, or a friend.  I often praise my kids, even for little accomplishments, encourage them when they are having a difficult time.  And even when they make a mistake I try to help them make better choices with gentleness, kindness and even laughter sometimes.  It may sound strange but I'm starting to think of myself as a new friend that I'm getting to know and even like!  Good luck on your journey!

think of someone you love unconditionally. Now picture someone talking to that person the way you describe. How would you feel about that? Now realize, you love yourself unconditionally too. There’s nobody else like you- never was and never will be. You’re special. Treat yourself accordingly.


Hi @LilyWood If you don't follow Dr. Daniel Amen on Instagram, go check him out; his advice is golden. He recommends a number of strategies to deal with what he calls ANTs - automatic negative thoughts. I've put one of them on repeat: interrogate an ANT and ask myself, "Is this really true??" Most of the time, it isn't. And it's a trigger to focus on the many more positive things that ARE true.