Mid-week check in: I am Enough NOW.

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How are you doing, really? How is the week? Here at AthletaWell we're making sure to check in with you partway through each week to celebrate your wins and provide support for your challenges—we're here for all the ups and the downs, too.

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How do you honor yourself at the middle of the week? Today AthletaWell Guide @Margeaux_H reminds us that "I am Enough NOW," today and always. She shares her actionable tips for cultivating acceptance from her lifelong journey towards body positivity.


Let us know how you're doing so far this week in the comments below.


Community Manager
Community Manager

This week I've been pushing through, but realizing that my body is tired/needs some rest. So I'm very excited to catch up on some Zs during the 3-day weekend!


I have fibro possibly and my body today was fighting neck pain that was starting to cause a migraine. Meds headed it off. My boyfriend was visiting and he really helps my self-esteem. I wasn't well the last two days, two much stress, not enough sleep. I push a lot and I need to stop this because my body is serious unwell after and it has taken me two days to get better. UGH.