Mental Health - Awesome discussions in the Office Hours yesterday


What's up Athlete team - I'm very impressed with what these women brought to the table yesterday in the first office hours Ask Me Anything: A Deep Dive into Mental Health. The questions felt authentic, open, and honest.


Some topics we discussed:

  • Dealing with the emotions of divorce
  • Adjusting to dating after splitting from long term partner
  • How to handle mindset when your sport requires strict dieting
  • Adjusting to life after college
  • Anxiety/stress that comes with being pre menopausal 

The dialogue was encouraging. It inspires and excites me to be a part of this team. I hope to keep this going for the future because it'll only make our mind and body stronger when we share and deeply listen to each other! See the Q&A here.


Feel free to continue any thoughts in the comments here. You all rock! 



Sounds like such great discussion going on! Can’t wait to catch the next one.