How do you handle unsolicited comments on your fitness journey?


Several times a week I take a bike ride in prospect park in Brooklyn.  There is a MAJOR hill that is difficult for almost everyone going up it whether walking, riding or running.  This morning as I was getting up the hill this guy who was running probably about as slowly as I was riding says to me.  "Good job, keep at it".  It really bothered me because I was not asking for his input or his approval.  I began to think if I was a smaller person working my way up that hill would he have said anything?  I seem to get alot of comments when I am out riding my bike form people thinking because I am a larger bodied person this is the first time I am exercising.   Does anyone else encounter these types of situations?  If so what is your feelings on this and or response to the person offering the unsolicited comments?


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Community Manager

Being underestimated often throws me off. It offended me at first, but after I while, I started letting it roll off my back. I can be a little petty sometimes and so I use this as an opportunity to prove them wrong! I know that my opinion is the only one that matters, and I remind myself that I am not defined by these unsolicited comments.


It's definitely irritating, so an eye roll is usually my first response, and then I try and get back to me @Margeaux_H 


Hi Margeaux! Your story instantly reminded me of being out on a hike with my sister. She hikes all the time in AZ and says encouraging things to EVERYONE on the trail. LOL I often wonder why she does it, but I think it's because she's a positive person. But I totally can relate to how you feel. I'm instantly offended if someone I don't know tells me "good job" (or whatever variation of that). I can't judge someone's intentions though, so I just try to say thanks and dismiss my internal reaction so I can get back to feeling good about myself! 🙂

Thanks @CrystalN I am positive person as well so I feel you on the intent your sister has.  I just think it is just the idea that people feel they have the right to comment on other people's bodies.  For me personally I get alot of unsolicited comments from men in particular and it can feel invasive.  Appreciate your thoughts on it!