Holiday Mindset. I have some questions for you!


Hello AthletaWell Squad-  I would love to hear from you.


There are three questions in my mind around Holidays, Mental/Physical routine, and Values. The holidays stress me out a little but I find ways to stay physically and mentally balanced through shifting my workouts to being shorter, mentally committing to being on my phone less, and being more patient with expectations of my family. 


Check the video and respond in the comments.


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Please share! Have fun with your thoughts!



Oh wow I love that you mentioned balance. Because I feel like I have a lot of things I have to DO.. but it's hard to pick which ones to do to find balance. I know I need to get most of my work done... so I'm mentally not preocuppied with it when I'm trying to stay present with the rest! I need my workouts done before all the family time, so I'm not stressed about missing workouts - not that it's detrimental to my progress but that it's actually just a part of my routine I like to keep. Thanks for this 🙂 I'm starting to feel the holiday pressure!!


P.S. @Rachel_M  LOVING the video you added with this by the way! 

Yes i'm with you on the workouts - keeps me level headed. I think the commitment to being on the phone less improves my frustration tolerance as well. 🙂 I do have to be on my phone for work so it forces me to be more efficient! Not a bad thing! And thank you!!


I have family staying with me for nearly TWO WEEKS 😍 one thing we do so well is discuss activities that are meant for the whole family (hiking, dog walking) versus activities that we should all do on our own to recharge. I go running by myself and rely on my solo meditation and yoga practice to fill my own cup so that I'm energized to spend time with everyone else after

DUDE 2 days MAX!!!! Good luck

I would need to find ways to fill my cup too. Two weeks......

I do try to remind myself that family are the people who really have our backs. Good to connect with them. They're not always going to be around! 

Do I get stressed around this time? -Only around feeling the pressure to buy people gifts. What do I actually need to stay physically and mentally well? -A gentle reminder that I can choose to be physically and mentally well. What do I value about the holidays and being around family? -We lost a dear family member last January from COVID right after New Years so this holiday season I am feeling extra appreciative for those who are here with me and the blessings we currently have in our lives. Love the video and food for thought @Rachel_M

Feeling for you on your loss. Yea there is no perfect approach but it's comforting hearing what you do. Covid changed a lot of the dynamics. Especially the conversation. Have the best time 🙂


Great Q's THANK YOU! It's funny, I always look forward to this time of year and then spend the entire time making it "perfect" so by the time the days actually come (I celebrate both Hanukkah and Xmas), I'm somewhat depressed or let down. Every, single, year. I have to get on my mat every day, even if only for five minutes. That's where I stay grounded and remember my truth. And looking to my little man and letting him lead. Happy Holidays! 

You know, it's funny you mention that. It's weird how that low comes around. I definitely understand that and honestly think it's healthy--I don't know. I believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Lot of emotions, expectations etc. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your emotional journey and being human. Happy holidays to you too.


Every year I feel different about the holidays.  Some years I am singing "Haul out the holy" and hosting guests and family. Other years I am ordering in Chinese food and binge watching Netflix.  This year I am looking forward to an intimate holiday with my husband and 2 friends.  I enjoy cooking I find it relaxing and am going to try my hand at duck.  I try not to let the commercial expectation of the holidays stress me out.  I think we get too caught up on buying presents and such when that is not really what the season is about.  This year I am excited to get dressed up and attend a few holiday parties since last year there were no gatherings.  I also enjoy the quietness of the season to gather myself together for the New Year!

I'm feeling this. The commercialization of the holidays stresses me out. This year i'm doing a small Christmas in Florida with my family and the dogs. I suggested doing a gift exchange so we don't have to be frantic running and buying everyone gifts. Your holiday parties sound fun. Enjoy 🙂