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    how you guys doing?love this group btw, I need tips for this issue. I have never talked about this to anyone before, anyways, is it normal for your breast to hurt whenever you or someone else touches it? 😬
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    I've recently had a lot of sensitivity especially when its around that time of the month . @Karen_C do you know what's going on??

    Sensitive is VERY common as we move through our monthly cycle.  The aches may be caused by a decrease in the hormones estrogen and progesterone.  Premenstrual breast tenderness and swelling occur to some degree in nearly all women.  I'd start by tracking when you start to notice, what it feels like, and how long it lasts.  That way when you talk to your Dr. about it you'll have some specifics to share with him/her so he/she can better assist you.  



    @NillaMarie what type of sensitivity are we talking? When you hormones move trough the cycle you are going to notice some major changes happening.  Give me some more details and maybe I can better help 

    well idk how to explain it, whenever I get a massage, my breast hurt’s whenever they massage that are, and whenever my husband touches it too,idk if I should say it here, never mind, whenever I have sex with him it hurts too! I think something is wrong with me!😢

    I would get it checked out to be on the safe side.


    If it’s just one breast, definitely go see a doctor a to rule out anything serious. It could be a cyst or some muscle thing. If it’s both it’s likely a hormone related issue. Probably best to go see your GP, no point stressing with no absolute answer. I had a friend who found a lump and was so scared and stressed for months before seeing a doctor. Turns out her rib bone was the lump!! 


    I usually can't lie face down without discomfort. And sometimes just too painful.  For me it is hormonal and dense breast tissue. 


    I would see your Gyn. Could be a shift in your hormones which happens as we go thru each stages; perimenopause to menopause 

    Start there. Write down on your calendar when it happens for tracking. You got this.