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It's unfortunate that we live in a society that promotes shame around size, celebrates smallness instead of fullness, has created so much bias around what we think able bodies look like, and pushed movement as a form of punishment for what you eat instead of something that makes you feel well.  Being fit is not a number on the scale or a certain dress size.  Only you know your body and what your fit looks and feels like. Drop a note in the comments and share  what you've done this week to celebrate your body and what it does for you every day?  



Nourish it with quality foods, move! I walk my dog 2 miles everymorning and then lift or do Pilates. It makes my whole life better!

Pilates is one of my faves!


@Margeaux_H I really appreciate the way you framed it—smallness instead of fullness. I hadn't heard it expressed that way yet, and that really resonates. For me it's easier to exercise 6 days a week instead of taking an extra second day off. This week I was tired and unmotivated. I took a second day off. I asked myself if I was being lazy, and I am the least lazy person I know 🤣 so I realized my body was asking for a day off. I went back to bed for two more hours and it was complete HEAVEN 😍


I appreciate this thought, thanks for sharing. I agree that size should not be shamed. It is definitely a specific culture in the US for fitness, bodies, nutrition, etc. Being healthy in your body looks different for so many people! For me, the movements I consider a celebration cycle around interval running, restorative yoga, and heavy weights - i've recently added breath work which i'm becoming more curious about!

I'll be following along on your journey re: heavy weights. I do my light weight routines (10-20 lbs) very regularly and am wondering when to step it up and go heavier. @Rachel

I love breathwork,  It feels weird at first but once you get into it you can't even remember how you felt before.