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Getting Back to Me - From a (HAPPY) Empty Nester


My daughters are in their early 20s and are out of the house again (covid brought them back 🙄). Even though they are leaving, I'm really not sad about it; I'm actually really happy. They are doing great things and I couldn't be prouder. I'm also more of an introvert so them leaving doesn't hit so hard because we can always call/text.


Mostly, I'm so excited to have time with my husband, but also have time with myself. I can't wait to do the things I want to do like sewing and rollerskating, being able to travel, and gardening. Plus, I can find more things I want to do and  am interested in. By far, this is my favorite part of parenting.


But I'm just curious, how do you fill your time? It would be nice to try out a new daily routine that is just about me. I'm not big on exercise, but all ideas are helpful


Community Manager
Community Manager

Some of my friends' parents get really emotional about them moving out. It's so nice to hear that you're excited and can use this opportunity to focus on yourself! As someone in their 20somethings, I know I'm excited for my parents to be empty nesters, I just hope they are too 🤣


I am a total podcast junkie on health and wellness.  My top 3 are:

1) Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Chatterjee

2) On Purpose with Jay Shetty

3) Deliciously Ella with Ella and Matt Mills


Just realized there are all from the UK.  


Enjoy your me time!

I took a screenshot of those and look forward to listening to them. Thx

I am not an empty nester yet but with two teens in the house, I have extra time on my hands. Other than exercise, I like to fill my time with volunteering (it helps me meet people when the days are quiet) and writing/blogging about travel and of course, traveling more often (which I’ll do more when the kids are gone!). There are some awesome communities/networks out there for people that want to travel on their own. In regards to volunteering, if you like to sew, I know there are many where you can make items to be sent to those in need. Not all volunteering needs to be done in person if groups aren’t your thing! Enjoy your “me” time!

"Not all volunteering needs to be done in person if groups aren’t your thing" 

@Juli I sincerely thank you for that. As in introvert I just can't do it. Thank you for understanding.


I have three children 26, 24 & 20. The last is a Junior in college, so I’m not officially an empty nester, but I kind of am while she’s in school. I have committed more time to the activities I didn’t have a lot of time for when I was a full time mom. I golf, do yoga, walk on the treadmill, walk our 15 month old Lab 🙄, have joined a book group, and needlepoint and paint— I’ve signed up for a watercolor class that begins in Nov and I volunteer. I’ve just tried a few things here and there, but hopefully my list will give you some ideas. I also have a PT job at Athleta that I’ve had for 5 years! 👏❤️! I work three days a week and LOVE my job! They are hiring if you are interested. There are times in my day that I get a little anxious if I don’t have something to fill my time. I’m working on just being and it’s really hard. Try some things and you’ll fall into a happy rhythm. I just have to say that I do not like being an empty nester. I was a FT mom and that energy and responsibility is all I’ve known my adult life. It’s hard to channel my energies now.