Ease into Finding Flow in January


I'm new to this community, but love the topic and supportive community growing here. I thought to share a link to a health and wellness course coming up Jan 10 that feels very much aligned with this group. Judgement-free, easing into movement, shifting mindsets towards body positivity - with a group of womxn to cheer you on. Exercise is a 4-letter word in my mind these days, so looking forward to the encouragement & new approach to getting started.


Hope to see some of you there!




Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing this resource @dianalyman13! Have you done this course before? How was it for you?? 

I haven't done this particular course of theirs yet, but have done 4 of their others in past (they have other courses outside of fitness, too, FYI - e.g. on business / career / personal finances, etc.) - and they're great! Excellent mix of asynch content, live office hours + access to a community of supportive womxn who really add value. Here is their full lineup: https://courses.chairmanme.com/