Do you still "Shrink" yourself around certain family members?


Hi community!  I just got back from an extra long weekend visiting my family who I have not seen in 3 years.  Typically when I visit my family I have alot of angst as it brings up childhood feelings of not feeling good enough or being judged, and we all have family dynamics that will never change.  Does anyone else still feel that way when interacting with some family members?  This time I made a conscious decision that I was just going to show up as me and not shrink myself at all.  It sounds like a simple thing to do, but often I will put my big personality away for a few days as to not ruffle any feathers.  This time I took up space and I think my family realized there was still space for others too.  Just wanted to share the win and a reminder to all to show up fully as yourself no apologies.


It’s like I wrote this. My family has always told me to “be less”. Truth be told, I am an attractive person, with a big personality, and an even bigger heart. I love seeing others succeed, but have always secretly wanted others to feel the same about me. My mother, specifically, has always told me to “shrink myself”. I remember when I was young, a woman complimented me, told me I was beautiful… I said thank you and I’m sure I was beaming. My mother was so angry with me for accepting the compliment. I was destroyed. Now, as a fitness professional, I work in an environment where I can let the real me out, and my clients love the real me. No more hiding. Be proud of who you are, the good, the bad, the perfect, the flawed… if the people in your world can’t handle it, maybe they shouldn’t be in your world. 

Thanks for sharing! I love a compliment and have even learned to accept it without saying something negative in return.  I noticed it is hard for people to just say thank you when someone compliments them.  I hope you are soaking in all the compliments coming your way and am happy to hear you are living your life out loud!