Body Blind


As health and wellness educators/leaders/guides it’s tough to be in a business where size seems to matter most and image can, truly, be everything. 

The hardest place to be sometimes is comfortable in our own skin.


For ALL the reasons.


I loved watching Felix and Biles lead the pack in Tokyo. Both ground breakers by showing positivity and strength amidst varying degrees of adversity.


Thank you Athleta for trying to step up and change the name of the Body wear game. 

I hope everyone joining here has a team of friends around them to help keep it real and help when times get tough. As fitness Pros we need to step up our game and find it within ourselves to live as lovingly as we can in this skin of ours. 

Let’s celebrate our unique qualities. 

We are all perfectly perfect! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing this, @BeBright! Being comfortable in our own skin can feel like a daily challenge, but the power of community and a team of friends, as you mentioned, are so effective at bringing the loving perspective we need sometimes. 


I mentioned this in another conversation recently, but reading Glennon Doyle's book Untamed (and then discussing it with friends) also helped me make strides toward living a more authentic, self-compassionate life.  Have you found books or practices that have resonated with your own community?


Thank you for sharing the love! 

As an x professional soccer player who played against Abby WAY back in the 2001 WUSA days, I am familiar with Glennon Doyle. People in Texas LOVE her and her work!


Personally, I have found that talking to people about their own life experiences is the most intimate way to begin to open the heart. As soon as we can begin to relate to ourselves kindly and compassionately, we can begin to see ourselves in others. I have found that relating in this way, through intimate conversations about delicate topics such as sex, marriage construct, family, and body is the most direct way to build communities filled with strong, compassionate and wise women. 


As Texas has just introduced Bounty Hunting and Vigilante Economy around aggression toward women, it is more imperative than ever to build strong, solid communities for support and safety.