A November affirmation for loving our bodies through the joys & pains of being human


Happy November, AthletaWell Fam! I always find the beginning of each month to be a good reminder to pause, check-in with myself, and get clear on what I want to cultivate and step into this month.


Over the last couple weeks I've been dealing with some nagging back pain that flares up with my scoliosis from time to time. When the pain shows up and I get the signal from my body to slow down, I've often felt really defeated, like my body is keeping me from doing what I want and love to do and the way I want to do it (I'm laughing at myself writing that, but that's truly what it initially feels like).


This month I'm committed to reframing how I show up for these periods of slowing down and getting extra mindful with my movement. I'm practicing finding gratitude for being able to move my body at all and seeing the gift in my body's wisdom to share what it needs to heal. Finding the jewel in slowing down and GETTING to spend more quality time with myself -- gently moving, witnessing, and listening.


This video shares an affirmation that I've been repeating to myself over and over again, and one that I am bringing into November as I focus on cultivating deeper love and acceptance for my body through all seasons of this human experience. Loving and accepting all that I am AND all that I am not, and trusting that that is the magic of who I am.


What are you stepping into this month? What words and practices support your journey of self-love and self-acceptance? Let's share and support one another in the comments below ❤️





Thanks for sharing here today, @Dani_P  The "all that I am not" part resonates with me today especially, as I have some things that need to be scraped off the plate and left behind 💓

that part is definitely the deeper work for me too ❤️ right there with you!


This is a great reminder!!  I took a yoga class one time where the instructor had us repeat (internally) "I am beautiful" throughout the class and WOW - it was powerful!!  

Yes! Affirmations combined with movement is such a powerful experience @Chris_F 


Such a beautiful reminder to set an intention for each month.  I am going along with the theme of gratitude and pair it with my values of health, family and compassion.  Many thanks for sharing your affirmation!  Makes me want to create a monthly one as well that I can replay daily to cultivate more gratitude brain cells.  

It's such a powerful way to ground the mind and I love starting the month this way! Excited to hear how it feels for you @Valerie_C 

I've been doing it for 2 days now.  Feels great.  I use driving somewhere as the reminder to start my affirmation so when I get into my car I say my affirmation and it really gives me a mood boost!  Thanks for this!  Have a great weekend @Dani_P 

I love that idea! Pairing a new practice with something that is already consistent in your day to day is such a great way to build a new habit and experience. Glad it's feeling supportive for you!!


Thanks for sharing this @Dani_P! It's so crazy - I realized rarely actually say these things out loud to myself. Wow they carry so much more weight that way!

Yes! Saying them out loud and repeating them to yourself is such a powerful practice. I also love pairing my affirmation with simple movement sometimes and visualizing it expand and integrate into my body too 🙂

This sounds incredibly healthy! I'll definitely have to try this out.