80% of people will give up on their resolutions by January 19th


Good morning AthletaWell squad - let's talk mindset around the new year.



Visit the article I just posted and please respond with some of your habits. Or the ones you'd like to shed 🙂


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I love the idea of not waiting for a "new year" to start focusing on things that are important to us. I do think the new year energy can feel refreshing, but there's also a lot to be said for creating space whenever we need to, to rethink values, boundaries, and "goals"! 


I agree.  I'm not a fan of New Year resolutions at all.  I do love creating a vision board at the start of the year to give me some focus and then refreshing it during the course of the year since goals and aspirations can change from time to time.

Resolutions through the year!


Always love your insights @Rachel_M thank you! Like my fellow guides, I think every breath is an opportunity to start over. I’m also a fan of setting intentions (which feels more fluid) than resolutions (which feels so set in stone). And also that tiny changes over time amount to way more than huge changes made at once.


One thing I try to do is to pick a word for the year. For example, one year, my word was "purpose." My goal was to make sure the things I did, the foods I ate, the entertainment I enjoyed, etc., had a purpose and served some goal in my life--even if the purpose was simply to enjoy being in the moment of eating my pizza! I haven't been great with doing that every year, or even keeping up on it throughout the year, but it's a little thing I try to keep in the back of my mind when I do things so I can eliminate the things that don't serve or enhance my life or my family. 

I love this! Going to try this in 2022!


Thanks Rachel for this post.  I have been working on focusing my brain on a specific value or virtue.  I pick a word each mouth to focus on and for December it is peace.  I challenge myself to meditate and internalize peace during the whole month as much as possible, especially when life gets hectic, I bring my thoughts back to my word of the month.  For prior to 2022 I'll write in my journal a different word for each month.  I am thinking about hope for January, love for February, and that's all I got this far.  Thanks!