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    Body & Health • 5 min watch

    Navigating Infertility & Loss Discussions with Extended Family



    You have permission to protect yourself and create boundaries around your friends and family. The topic of infertility is your conversation to have. You don’t owe anyone an answer you’re not ready for.


    I have some suggestions on ways you can create your game plan going into the holidays. Tell me in the comments, is there a tip that is especially helpful for you? And if you’re still not ready to have that conversation, that’s okay too. Let’s talk about other ways we can handle the holiday season, together. ❤️


    1 Comment
    I went through 3 years of infertility and treatment. When you are going through this, there is no wrong way to address this. Becoming self protective is a natural reaction. Just know that your friends and family care about you and, often, don’t know what to say. They say things that they think are comforting but often are not, because they are not in your shoes. Remember they love you; and there is nothing wrong with walking out of a room or recusing yourself from the environment.