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Better With Age Conversations


Hello!I am an online trainer specializing in longevity training. I created this small group program for those of us looking for strength now and in our next decade. Please click Strength for Life for more info! Please follow me on instagram and/or fa... 

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Anyone have any experience with Achilles Tendinitis? SOMEHOW I came down the "wrong way" in a Fitness Class on my right ankle....and have had chronic pain in heel and ankle since September. Just started physical therapy and was informed I have achill... 

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I am a new empty nester of 3, my youngest just went away to college, the middle is in college and the oldest graduated college, got a job and moved out. I am having a hard time remembering who I am. I, too, am a 'hands on' parent, very involved in th... 

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Hi!! I am a certified Yoga Therapist and offer private sessions to clients 50 and older. I also teach Yoga for Everybody and Yoga for Vibrant Health at BendnMove Yoga Studio in West Seattle. Contact me if you are interested in a private session. Go t... 

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I am going to be retiring soon, early at the age of 57. I have been so looking forward to this with so many things I wanted to do, plans, hobbies, community impact. Now that it is approaching I am a mess. My mind is all over the place. I feel overwhe... 

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Hi everyone! I know the new year brings out a lot of feelings to be perfect, and often motivation dies out quickly. This is typically the case with me. I am getting married in July, so I really need to continue on the path I am on. I am struggling so... 

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I am plagued by back and knee issues - but this is not new to my 60s. And when you look at the labels provided they are mostly for people much younger. We need a platform to talk about our running and other activities and staying engaged and relevant... 

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