What does aging mean to you?


I recently turned 31 and as a millennial I see a funny but alarmingly large amount of peers complaining that their back feels like its a lot older than they are.. and I can't help but take a moment to educate them on why age doesn't mean you have to be in pain! Even though MRI findings can come back with words like "degeneration," "rotator cuff tear," or "arthritis", these don't always indicate something is painful. Personally, I've always felt a little younger than my peer group but moreso lately I've made the mental commitment to giving my body what it needs to keep thriving despite what time can bring. I've surrendered to the fact things won't look as pretty if I were to ever get imaging done on my spine/shoulders, etc, but I'm fully ready to prepare my body to enjoy life to the fullest despite this. 


Is there anything about your body/self that makes you nervous or excited about aging? Anything you tell yourself not get overwhelmed by the typical narrative?



P.S. Here's an article I was interviewed in on aging and staying fit! Check it out Here.



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Illness and disease definitely scare me about aging. I know it has nothing to do with age so I have to constantly remind myself that's a false narrative. I also have a bad habit of equate disease with death when that is not the case. Aging is made to be scary, when that's not the reality! Just trying to rewiring my thinking day by day because aging is not a bad thing!

I turned 60 this year. I did not want to approach this birthday feeling old, and I did not. I’ve done Pilates for 13 years, lift weights, and walk my dog a lot. My mantra is do something every day that keeps my body and mind young.

@TerraP Love that mantra and your mindset.  Thanks for sharing!


I'm turning 41 in a few weeks and just made the countercultural 😉 decision to stop coloring my hair. I have fat white streaks in the front and some white sprinkled throughout my very boring-brown natural hair. I have dyed for over 10 years trying to feel more attractive, but I recently decided enough is enough. Grey doesn't mean old, and even if it does, old doesn't mean unattractive! 🙂  I'm nervously excited to grow out my natural color and see what it looks like. I'm otherwise fit and stylish (thanks Athleta!) so I know I look fine anyway but having white hair is going to be a change! 

Additionally I'm a rock climber so that aching back has been a thing for the last year or so... I blame COVID 😉