Support for us older gals who are still traveling on their fitness journey


Anyone else feeling like there is a lack of support for older women who are still active in their fitness journey? For example...I hurt my back the other day doing a difficult Pilates move. I left my session not only in physical discomfort but in a low mental state. I was upset that I couldn’t keep up with the younger gals and feeling a bit betrayed by my body. 2 days later and my back is still sore and I’m unable to go to class. I’ve never been 55 year old so this part of my journey is new to me. So I guess my question is, “how do you keep fighting the good fight when your body and mind are ganging up on you?” 



Hi Shello,

I’m a 76 year old pilates instructor.  My clients range in age from 50’s to 80’s.  It’s important to find an instructor that creates a program that challenges but does so safely.  Getting injured during a session is not your fault or the result of age.  It’s the responsibility of the teacher to know your abilities and limitations.  We all have them no matter our age. Be kind to yourself and your body.  Progress not perfection!

I agree 100%! 


Hi Shello, I am 59 years old and a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, group fitness instructor. I work with people from the age of 13 - 78 years young! If you think you are old and can't do what you use to do you need to change your mindset to work past those thoughts and feelings. We all have the opportunity to be 1% better everyday. Consistency, Challenge & Finding the things you love to do is key to your health & fitness. Listening to your body and modifying when you need to is just simply smart!! There are so many different ways for you to explore that bring you joy, challenge and results. Have a strong positive mindset, reduce stress, eat clean, hydrate and move more! It's not easy but the rewards are well worth the work. I see it everyday!! Now go get after it and keep chasing your better no matter what your age is!! You got this!! 



Hi, Shello, I am turning 74 in a few days and understand where you are coming from! Been there, done that.  First of all, give yourself credit for continuing to focus on your overall fitness. You will find that you need to adapt over time, and each day is different. Some days you will bet full of energy, others not so much. And maybe all you can do is 10 or 20 minutes. Just keep moving as best you can! I belong to an online platform called Get Healthy UTV, which I joined during the pandemic  when I didn't want to go to the gym. I continue to work out at home with videos from various sources.. Get Healthy U's founder Chris Freytag has several mottos that have helped me: "You do you," "There is no shame in the modify game,"and "Motion is lotion." We are all unique and have to honor our bodies' limitations where necessary. I have learned to choose workouts that are low impact and know how to modify, by using lower weights or less range of motion, etc. I agree with others who have said it can be the instructor's fault--although you and she probably didn't know until you tried the move that it would cause pain. Be kind to yourself, allow time to heal, and listen to your body. And don't give up!


Shello, thank you for starting this conversation!  While I am 49 and have been an avid rock climber for the past 22 years.  I have had aggravated old injuries as I have aged and even rehabbed a labral tear in my shoulder that took about 9 months to gain back my full function and strength.  What I have come to find is although I may not have the strength I once had in my 20's, I am climbing climbing higher grades now than I did when I was "stronger" in my 20's but had poor technique.  My body does require more time for a good warm-up routine (my PT band work is now my shoulder warm up work!) and sometimes my sessions are shorter.  What I have come to find is that I still love climbing.  It is still invigorating both mentally and physically and I do not intend to stop anytime soon.  I now spend more time tuning in and listening to my body and I still feel incredibly strong...but back off and rest more when my body needs it because I do notice that I sometimes I need more time to recover...and that is OK.  (and finding good soft tissue practitioners helps too  -  massage therapists, trigger point therapists, chiropractors, and PT's to help you regain strength and function after an acute injury.)


We are the first generation of girls to grow up in a time when Title IX told us we could be powerful and use our bodies to do amazing athletic things, just as ALL humans where designed to do.  We will inform the the generations to come by how we support each other as we age into our wiser athletic selves.  By speaking about how your body is responding you have opened a conversation for use be here for each other.  Thank you...and I hope your back is on the mend soon so you can get back at it!!!  And in the mean time, be kind to deserve it!!  


Shello, I completely agree with Lynnd32! As a STOTT Pilates certified and trained instructor,  with 16 years experience in teaching, no one should ever leave a pilates class injured! I have checked out some of the "group" classes at the franchise studios and found out they are not for me. Finding a well trained, certified in a well respected pilates method, and not out to pack classes for a bigger paycheck is paramount in staying safe and experiencing pilates the way it was designed. To help all ages and all levels gain a better level of physical and mental health! I am sorry you had a bad experience! Don't give up, do your homework and make sure your instructor is qualified!! 


Another here!  I'm 71, and my body and my ability to practice yoga has changed a great deal since my forties.  I teach a class of older women, and always ask them to consider their yoga mat a playground, and not a battle field. However, in the classes in which I practice, I am ALWAYS the oldest one there.  Over time, you just learn to be happy with  your own practice and your own body.  My one bit of advice is to consider yoga classes that are designed as gentle, or restorative, or beginner friendly.


I hear your frustration.  My advice ( 69 year old warrior) is to be easy with your body.  Listen to it when it tells you not to push past a certain point.  I discovered Pilates and love what it has done to shape my body but it is demanding.  If you want to be strong for the long haul you must also allow your body to recover after your workouts.  Rest between workouts is an important component to being strong.  When you are hurt, rest and heal.  You only have one body to move yourself through this life, take care