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Motivation & Commitment


Hi everyone! I know the new year brings out a lot of feelings to be perfect, and often motivation dies out quickly. This is typically the case with me. I am getting married in July, so I really need to continue on the path I am on. I am struggling so hard to walk a fine line between pushing myself to work hard, and giving myself space to just be, and do the best that I can. 


Any tips on continued motivation practices without falling into an unhealthy mental space are welcomed! 


Thank you in advance! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations on getting married this summer @katiebragaw, I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful! With the added stress of a wedding, feelings around the New Year can induce a lot of pressure. Our Physical Therapy Guide @Leada_M has a great resource on ways to create sustainable health and wellness goals, you can check it out here. I hope this helps, and I know the community will have more advice to come!

Thank you @Vanessa this was so helpful!