Aging Live long as you age


Ladies how do you feel about aging?


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Community Manager

This is such a great question! With age I continue to find myself, so I just take each day to explore and get to know, well, me! My body is definitely changing so its time for me to get with the program @DianeMarie  🙂


I like a lot of things that come with gaining experience on this planet, but menopause and sleep issues. I cannot wait for my hair to be all silver, I love showing my true colors!!

Member first thought is "Not good", I hate aging more then I hate reading the bathroom scale.  I can do without the aches, pains and wrinkles...and my newest hate, menopause.  But, if I really try to find something good, my kids are now young adults, I have a ton of free time to work on me, and accept that it is a part of my journey through life and I can fight it, but it's going to come anyways.



Aging has been a difficult process.  Peri menopause, ablation, menopause, trying natural avenues for night sweats, hot flashes, lack of sleep, finally accepting HRT.  That helped, but the changes in skin tone, first ever weight gain and loss of knowing how to dress well for the change in body type.  Not fun!  I think menopause should be a topic taught to young women.  It’s been such a secret.  My mother’s generation didn’t really discuss it.  My Mom has advanced Alzheimer’s so I can’t talk to her about her experience and my maternal relatives all live overseas.  I’m trying to talk to my 29 year old daughter and my daughter in law about it as much as I can so they know more going in than I did!  I will say, I stuck to a commitment I made and lost 14 lbs through the second CoVid wave.  That was such an uplifting thing to do!  Fortunately my husband still loves the way I look.