Activities to Do When Newly Retired


Hello everyone.

I retired 2 months ago, and looking for new and excited things to do. I have been trying to keep myself busy and active. I recently bought a house so I've been doing DIY projects to make it a home. I also like to garden, explore my new city, and I do exercises on my Wii or treadmill. I want to get into volunteering, but because of COVID, places have not gotten back to me.

Is anyone else retired? What else can I do to keep busy? I want to travel, but I have to be careful because of COVID. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not retired, but have tried to get into things so I don't get bored while staying home. I love to cook so I found joy in going to the store to get groceries, prepping/cooking the food, and then being able to eat it with friends and family! It gives me something to do and brings together my loved ones (safely of course) @GB-Simon 


@mimi4064 may have some great suggestions! I know she keeps busy with a mix of volunteer gardening for local nature preserves, taking virtual Spanish and Italian classes (not exactly the same as traveling to Spain or Italy, but she'll be ready when she does!), and fitness classes. Whether retired or busy at work, recognizing that you have something to contribute (which you do!) and planning something to look forward to really helps.


I have been retired for three years. I understand the adjustment period. Most people I have spoken with about retirement have told me it took them 6-12 months to settle into a new routine. My first goal was to learn it do something new  each year.  The first year, I closed my medical practice and oversaw a major house remodel. I also learned how make large jade sculptures as well as earrings,  and wood furniture. Year two, I continued to build on functional training, as far as fitness is concerned.  I became a certified personal trainer, nutritional specialist, and certified TRX instructor just before the pandemic hit. I have utilized the knowledge by providing remote training to friends, as well as improving and expanding my own skill set. Year 3 has been all about my new granddaughter. Along the way, I have rekindles friendships, mostly with walking and hiking. I ran competitively for decades, and though I still run 20 miles per week, I find that walking is much more beneficial and better for my body, I also recommend trying functional training, mixing strength and resistance training, plyometrics, cardio, and Pilates. Lastly, I highly promote self care: eating well, being mindful and present in what you do. If you have more specific questions, I would be glad to help!

Wow, I need some of your motivation!