Who else is loving all the new sleepwear on Athleta? I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit before I try the calm cool collection.  Gushing over the new colors (esp tawny rose) 🌹


The nighttime bliss collection is my absolute fav.  I am a big fan of the cami. It's so soft and non-restricting.  I like to keep my clothes loose at night. The size small is bigger than I expected but it works out well for me. 


What has been your go-to sleepwear item?  Do you prefer a sleep dress over a top and bottom set? How do we feel about the sleep bra? 


I ordered a few pieces (wide leg pants and romper) from the Nighttime Bliss collection and was pleasantly surprised. Normally, I just sleep in old sweats, but I took a chance because of a sale and now I’m hooked. They actually keep me cool while sleeping.

Thanks for sharing. I love the look of the wide leg pants. Yes also a big fan of old sweats, do they get softer with time or is it just me?

Ohhhhh, I've been eyeing these! I might have to make the purchase! 

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You give me hope! Just bought these on sale after eyeing them for a while and really hoping the cooling part comes into play. I run hot 24/7 so I like light clothing for sleep yearlong.

Oh awesome please let me know how you like them. I just got my cool pjs in and will be bringing them with me to Mexico this week where is temps are ☀️☀️☀️. Will add a review shortly

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Loving that they offer sleepwear now! I looked at Soma for something like it but love staying loyal to brand instead. And agreed, the fit is definitely larger than I expected so I had to return to go down in both tank and shorts size.